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25% of Millennials Don’t Have a Single Friend, Study Suggests

25% of Millennials Don’t Have a Single Friend, Study Suggests

It has been proved that millennials are officially the loneliest generation.

A study conducted by YouGov demonstrates that millennials are the loneliest generation, where 25% of the twenty to thirty-year-olds report to having no friends. Truth be told, millennials report to feeling lonelier when contrasted with Gen X or Baby Boomers.

For the study, YouGov addressed 1,254 US grown-ups with ages 18+ and the review was conducted online between July 3 and July 5, 2019. For the report, YouGov likewise looked at the response of the millennials against response by Gen X and Baby Boomers. For example, in spite of the fact that 30 percent of millennials state that they generally or regularly feel desolate, just one of every five (20%) individuals from Generation X feel a similar way. Furthermore, just around 15 percent of the Baby Boomers report to feeling desolate a similar way. Besides, 25% of the millennials state that they have no acquaintances, 22% state they have no friends, and 27% state they have no close friends, while 30% state they have no closest companions.

Presently despite the fact that the study doesn’t generally reveal insight behind millennials feeling forlorn when contrasted with older generations, prior studies blame heightened exposure to social media and the internet as the significant influencers. It refers to a study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania that demonstrates that excessive social media use led to loneliness and depression. Presently, this is no stunner as there are already many existing studies that point towards a connection between increased social media use and sentiments of depression.

The study likewise suggests that the majority of Americans (76%) say to have befriended at least one person through work. Once more, this doesn’t strike as an odd truth since millennials spend a majority of their day at work. 61% said they made companions in the nearby neighborhood while more than four out of 10 (44%) have made a companion through chapel or other spiritual communities. Along these lines, there you have it, millennials are obviously entitled, lethargic, narcissistic, and lonely. In the event that we maybe invest somewhat less time in our phones, and more with individuals around us, we may most likely perform better in studies and statistics coming forward.


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